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Sam’s is now pre-selling our Sam’s Genesis NFT. Aside from owning a unique and immutable piece of history, owning a Sam’s Genesis will grant access to events and performances that are exclusive to holders, grant line and reservation privileges and include airdropped gift cards and merchandise depending on the rarity of your Sam! Each Sam’s Genesis is a specially drawn photo of Sam that features unique traits relating to Sam’s history. The minting and reveal of your Sam’s Genesis NFT will happen after the pre-sale period ends.


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Each purchase includes a Sam’s Wallet created for you to hold and access your new Sam’s Genesis NFT. Purchasing a Sam’s Genesis NFT only grants ownership of that specific NFT. No other rights of any kind or nature with respect to the Sam’s Genesis NFT or any image or other intellectual property associated with, related to, or linked to, a Sam’s Genesis NFT, Sam’s Anchor Cafe or any related entity granted or licensed to Purchaser.

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